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Bösendorfer loudspeakers - the philosophy

Bösendorfer has been very successful since 1828 in the world of high quality sound.
Our commitment to this great musical tradition has led to the development of the loudspeaker program, with which Bösendorfer sets another new standard in the world of quality sound.

At the heart of this development and listening experience is the active acoustic principle, the horn resonator and the plate resonator, which enable the optimised adjustment of sound to the space around it. The entire loudspeaker box is a single body of sound - the entire loudspeaker is an instrument. Similar to the strings of a piano that causes the entire grand piano to vibrate through a complex interaction of a steel frame and wooden case. Bösendorfer loudspeakers produce an unparalleled, authentic listening experience.

We have managed to build cabinets with fewer unwanted resonances in the first place, eliminating the need for practically any damping.

Bosendorfer Loudspeakers are designed by Hans Deutch who holds all of the patents.

Loudspeakers by Bösendorfer (designed by Hans Deutch)

Musical sounds are formed by a complex blending of the fundamental tone, formants and overtones. The formants are primarily responsible for voice recognition because they determine the timbre; their frequencies remaining constant even when the overall tone changes. This basic musical principle, along with the consideration of high pulse dynamics, makes music come to life.

In the expert opinion of leading acousticians, the critical parameters for authentic sound reproduction include extremely low levels of modulation distortion in frequency, amplitude, pulse, time-base, phase and inter-modulation - loudspeakers that function three-dimensionally, as only Bösendorfer's do, satisfy these requirements. These parameters are especially important for reproduction of tones such as vibratos, violin tones or the human voice, which are themselves a kind of frequency modulation. Additional modulation caused by electronic intervention oruse of filters only leads to a distortion and misrepresentation of the original sound.

Since Bösendorfer loudspeakers were designed without losing sight of this 'law of tonality', they are capable of reproducing live music of every genre with incredible accuracy. In this way, sound quality, recording quality and musical expression can all be heard to their full advantage.

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